Duke Ellington's Sound of Love - Jim Odgren alto sax solo

Cuidados intensivos III

All the things you are - Lee Konitz


Tesouras & navalhas

George Sarkis - "The Doctor Of Horns"


"this is your LIFE"

Keith Jarrett - The Art of Improvisation

Cuidados intensivos II

Cuidados intensivos

Porto, Jazz, 70's

A primeira Big Band de Jazz portuguesa

Santos/Melo 4tet + Seamus Blake

Economica-lee troubled

Vintage Liebman

Unreleased late Coltrane

2013 Thelonious Monk Jazz Saxophone Competition

Sax tone inquiry

"I Have a Dream" - 50 anos do discurso de Martin Luther King

Entrevista com Pharoah Sanders

Noites do Parque 2004/07

George Coleman speaks

Com Pharoah 9 anos depois