Albert Stinson (1944-1969)

Bass player with some of the great jazz names of the 60's Albert Stinson did not made it beyond 24. He died by overdose in 1969.
Played with  Terry Gibbs, Frank Rosolino, Chico Hamilton, Charles Lloyd  Larry Coryell, John Handy , Miles Davis, Bobby Hutcherson , and Gerald Wilson.
But maybe one of his carrer's highlights was playing with the Miles Davis quintet at the Harmon Gymnasium in Berkeley University April, 7th 1967 subbing for Ron Carter.
The whole band was there (except Ron, of course). Maybe it was for this gig with Albert that, after his death, Wayne Shorter was inspired to write the beautiful "This is for Albert"  dedicated to him.

A very rare (until now :-) bootleg of this California Miles Davis concert with Stinson on bass is available here in flac format. Among collectors this bootleg is know as the "Cabinet Tapes". Enjoy!


Andy disse…
Oh, I never knew he died so young. love him on those Oblique. Thank for the chance to hear Cabinet Tapes. He's far more lively than Carter.