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Today came to my mind a fun game my facebook friend Bill Plake used to do with his friends and jazz students:
A written solo based on the changes of an well know standard but... no chord changes on the paper.
All you got to do was to find which standard was that solo based on.

Of course Bill tried (with success) to give a hard time to all who tried to solve the riddle - substituitions, metric modulations, side-slipping and all the tricks of contemporary jazz trade.
So, fresh from my pen, here's a similar challenge, but much much simpler than Bill's:

Which jazz standard the next etude based on?
Curious to see how quick you'll find it.
Not even Shazam will help you !!!

Etude concert   Bb   Eb

P.S. Check out Bill Plake . He's a great saxophone player, Alexander Technique expert and committed educator.