Don Byas and Fado

A rarity found in an old portuguese shop by Andreas Schmauder fom

The 78rpm by the Luis Rovira Sextet recorded presumably in 1948 featuring Don Byas on the song "Lisboa Antiga" by Raul Portela.
Don Byas moved to Paris in 1946 and toured Spain in 1948.
It's a well know fact that  Byas had contact with Portuguese music in 1968 when he recorded with portuguese fado diva Amália Rodrigues but no other recording of portuguese music was know until now.
Byas appears only on this song and the musicians in Luis Rovira sextet are not identified.
As found here they probably were Luis Rovira (clarinet, leader),  Leon Cardona (Colombia, electric guitar) José María Cigno, (Argentina, drums), Alberto Lorenzetti, (Argentina, piano) , Zdenék Jirak, (Czech Republique, vibraphone) and Manuel Molina (Peru on bass).
Thanks to for hipping me to this.