Richie Cole começou a carreira pela mão de Phil Woods, de quem foi aluno durante muito tempo. Fiel á linguagem do mestre, Richie deu nas vistas enquanto jovem virtuoso e cedo desapareceu da "cena". Algumas décadas depois - e muita luta com a adição a substâncias mais ou menos (i)legais - Richie parece voltar aos concertos e gravações. O seu virtuosismo (quase) circense emploga plateias transformando os solos em autênticos rodeos que (me) deixam sem fôlego só de ouvir.

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"30 years ago I played a regular Fri-Sat dinner music gig at the Rusty Scupper in New Jersey. One weekend we are bumped by Ritchie. Though I had been playing for only about 2 years I had the nerve to go to the restaurant, and ask to sit in with him. He asked what I wanted to play. I said Cherokee. Sure, he says, and launches into it a capella, very up tempo, After tearing it up for a couple of choruses the band consisting of experienced NY guys comes in, smoking. He plays a couple more, then leaves it to me. I start to play, in a state of momentary confusion I think my horn is actually broken. Then to my dismay, I figure out that he's playing it in B natural, which he hadn't mentioned and which I am not prepared to navigate. Shell shocked, I crawl off the bandstand. 20 years later I was lucky to play a gig with him. I mentioned it, but he'd didn't remember as clearly as I did. We did get a laugh."

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Cherokee (Richie Cole)