A transcrição é uma ferramenta fundamental para os estudantes de improvisação (aren't we all?) . O sr. Benoit Sauvé (que pode ser visto e ouvido no clip mais abaixo) também acha e acrescenta o seguinte:

"Amongst the various work methods that I have experimented with in improvisation, there is one that I have found particularly beneficial: transcribing choruses from recordings.
This series of videos reflects part of the work done on a few of these amazing solos.

Why transcribing solos?
Although studying the various scales and chords,and the relations between them,is essential in learning to improve,putting these theoretical notions into practise can be very laborious.
This is why making transcriptions of actual solos can be so useful for training aural perception and instrumental technique,as well as allowing us to analyse the styles of great jazzmen,enrich our musical vocabulary,and thus help develop our own musical ideas."


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