Ainda David Schildkraut

Na procura de mais informações sobre David Schildkraut (manias...) contactei com Ross LeCompt(na foto), trompetista que com ele tocou. Na volta, este email :

"Dear zimk - Thank you for inquiring about Davey Schildkraut. Dave gave up playing professinally ,( for a living ) and retired from the US Postal service in the 1980's. He never put down his sax however, and was playing as great or better than ever when we worked together. We had a Quintet. Pianist Billy Triglia, ( See Charlie Mingus ) Davey , myself and drummer, Rudy sheriff Lawless. Unfortunately I've forgotten the bass players name , very good but obscure, I have a picture of the the group on stage ( the bass player is hidden behind Davey. Unfortunately Davey passed away in the '90s - I lost track of him when I moved to Pittsburgh. Davey was beyond great and many felt he was at least the equal to " Bird " I just wish, knowing what i know now , that we had recorded.
- very best in jazz, Ross LeCompte"
Espero em breve ter por aqui mais informações sobre o misterioso alto a quem, um dia, Miles Davis ofereceu um lugar na história do Jazz.
Até lá.