Rick Margitza - "Cry me a River" final cadenza

I like the way Rick Margitza makes use of a great variety of  peculiar and elegant melodic shapes in his playing. 
While being firmly rooted in the triadic tradition he still keeps a intense lyrical sense in whatever kind of tune he plays, from ballads to the blues.
Wide interval textures, a sophisticated way of using the diminished sound, a impecable intonation and sense of time, and a great talent for storytelling makes Margitza one of my favorite players.
One year ago tomorrow Rick started a monthly stint at Baisé Salé, one of the most "in" jazz clubs in Paris, The gig is still going on to this day so if you happen to be around Paris don't miss it.

From the iphone recording of that set I transcribed his final cadenza on "Cry me a River" (cadenzas are great hunting grounds for shapes, colors, structures and stuff).
My first transcription in 2016.